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Africa – Arusha and around

By | 25 - November - 2014|

The second night we spent in Tanzania, in the suburbs of Arusha, was the lowest point of our trip in Africa. Maybe it was […]

Osaka Classic

By | 3 - November - 2014|

The first night we spent in Tanzania was a short one. We barely fell asleep at 4 AM to be woken up at 6 […]

Africa – First steps

By | 1 - November - 2014|

Now that winter is almost here, I feel it is time to go somewhere, even if it’s only in writing, to warmer places. It’s […]

Taking off

By | 30 - September - 2014|

September came very fast. And we are very close to boarding for Tanzania from Istanbul airport. We had to take care of a few […]

The gloves will be staying home

By | 4 - September - 2014|

“This time, it will be different…”


For the last 6 years we spent every annual vacation on two wheels. Whether it was Matilda or Gunnar… […]

Outcomes from the past

By | 13 - August - 2014|

2010, end of summer

The neon lights inside the airport are blending with the rays of dusk reflecting through the large airport windows. I can feel […]