More than 55000 km across various terrains, from Canadian prairies to Chilean Andes, more than 18 countries visited and less than a year to do it.



Here are the main 4 stages of our journey:

Part I: Across the great North American continent

Travel from the East coast of Canada to the West coast in Alaska, USA

Distance: 13987 km

Countries: Canada, the United States of America


Part II: Travel from Alaska to Mexico

We spent over a month exploring theĀ  West part of the United States.

Distance: 4800+ km

Countries: the United States of America

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Part III: Explore Central America
Travel trough the heart of Central American continent
Distance: 8400+ km
Countries: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

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Part IV: Road to Tierra del Fuego

Follow the roads south to Tierra del Fuego
Distance: 13000+ km
Countries: Columbia, Ecuator, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina

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