Two plane tickets bought on December 30, 2013. This was the starting point for a new travel. Only 2 weeks this time, let’s call it a “serious” vacation time from work. But lots of hopes, optimism and good cheer. It’s the first vacation in a long time without a motorcycle. Without Gunnar, actually, we are still hoping that these 2 weeks we will find some 2 wheels to explore a part of Africa with. We will see…


Our friends

The following friends supported us in our African adventure. Check out their websites!



Outcomes from the past

2010, end of summer

The neon lights inside the airport are blending with the rays of dusk reflecting through the large airport windows. I can feel the heat coming from the tunnel leading towards the plane. […]

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The gloves will be staying home

“This time, it will be different…”


For the last 6 years we spent every annual vacation on two wheels. Whether it was Matilda or Gunnar… whether we traveled through Romania or from Alaska to Argentina, […]

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Taking off

September came very fast. And we are very close to boarding for Tanzania from Istanbul airport. We had to take care of a few logistic matters and one of them was finding the right […]

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Africa – First steps

Now that winter is almost here, I feel it is time to go somewhere, even if it’s only in writing, to warmer places. It’s true that the natural state of things would be to […]

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Osaka Classic

The first night we spent in Tanzania was a short one. We barely fell asleep at 4 AM to be woken up at 6 AM by our alarms. We were pretty tired but we […]

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Africa – Arusha and around

The second night we spent in Tanzania, in the suburbs of Arusha, was the lowest point of our trip in Africa. Maybe it was because of the long bus ride with Osaka Classic that ended […]

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