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Africa – Arusha and around

The second night we spent in Tanzania, in the suburbs of Arusha, was the lowest point of our trip in Africa. Maybe it was because of the long bus ride with Osaka Classic that ended late in the night in […]

Osaka Classic

The first night we spent in Tanzania was a short one. We barely fell asleep at 4 AM to be woken up at 6 AM by our alarms. We were pretty tired but we had a bus to catch. Destination? […]

Africa – First steps

Now that winter is almost here, I feel it is time to go somewhere, even if it’s only in writing, to warmer places. It’s true that the natural state of things would be to start writing about the two […]

Taking off

September came very fast. And we are very close to boarding for Tanzania from Istanbul airport. We had to take care of a few logistic matters and one of them was finding the right transportation from Bucharest to Istanbul.

We […]

The gloves will be staying home

“This time, it will be different…”


For the last 6 years we spent every annual vacation on two wheels. Whether it was Matilda or Gunnar… whether we traveled through Romania or from Alaska to Argentina, our plans were centered on […]

Outcomes from the past

2010, end of summer

The neon lights inside the airport are blending with the rays of dusk reflecting through the large airport windows. I can feel the heat coming from the tunnel leading towards the plane. I feel my sweat dribbling […]

Antarctica 4 – First landing

We learned all these “details” (and many others) from the presentations held by the expedition crew, during the two days we were crossing the Drake Passage. But I wasn’t thinking of any of that the morning Plancius got very […]

Antarctica 3 – Drake Passage


Plancius was leaving the Beagle Channel as the last rays of sun were disappearing under the horizon.  We were officially “on the open seas”. The next 2 days we were to cross the Drake Passage.

From the maps we see […]

Antarctica 2 – How we got on the boat to Antarctica

In Ushuaia we were camping. On one side, it was the cheapest accomodation in town but then again we found a great camping spot, up the hill, close to the forest with a nice view to the city.

It was […]

Antarctica 1 – So close but not there yet

It already smells like rain outside and I don’t think it will go away so fast so I guess it is time to start telling a story with lots of snow, that took place early this year, in february.

Our […]

By the side of the road

Riding the motorcycle, specially as a passenger, gets me closer to the places we pass by without getting off the saddle. Maybe it’s also because Alexandru doesn’t ride very fast giving me more time to enjoy the scenery. Not […]

From Romania – Part IV: Coming home

There is a true saying that “the known path is the shortest”.  But if we were  to be guided by this saying we would never get the chance to explore the alternatives. This post will be about this: unknown […]

From Romania – Part III: Following the Danube

I remember listening to the public radio announcements about the Danube Water Levels while playing in my grandparents yard in the countryside, up north in Suceava. The voice that came out of the old radio (with Cyrillic inscription – […]

From Romania – Part II: Iron Gates National Park and around

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is up and we have the whole day to ourselves. What can a motorcyclist do on a free day with clear sky but riding? We all agreed on a time and got together in […]

From Romania – Part I: Danube Gorge

After a quite longish rest period(somehow understandable), it was time to put the saddle back on the horse and so we spent the last two weekends on the road. There are a lot of beautiful places right here, in […]

Argentina hotels, camping spots & others

San Salvador de Jujuy – Munay hotel - 200 Argentinian pesos/ double room, private bathroom, wifi, secure parking, towels. It is hard to find cheap hotels in Jujuy. Manay hotel is one of the places you don’t feel like leaving […]

Chile hotels & camping spots

Chañaral – Central Casino (San Martin 409A) – 8000 Chilean pesos/ person, private bathroom, hot water, WiFi, secure parking, breakfast included. Very clean location and friendly owner. Take some time and relax on the roof terrace. You also have […]

Bolivia hotels

Copacabana – Hotel Los Andes (Av. Busch) – 120 bolivians/ double room, private bath, breakfast included, hot water, secure parking, WiFi, towels. Very nice and polite staff. You can get a good night sleep in clean rooms and sheets […]

Peru hotels

Canoas de Punta Sal, Tumbes – Ecolodge Waltako Beachtown (Av. Panamericana Norte, Km. 199) – $10/ person, shared bathroom, hot water, secure parking, different bungalows by the beach, kitchen, restaurant and bar, WiFi in the restaurant, hammocks by the […]

Ecuador hotels

Ibarra – Hostal El Dorado – $9/ pers, private bathroom, hot water, WiFi, private parking in a large courtyard with closed gate. Family owned hostal very close to the centre of Ibarra. Clean sheets but nothing special.

Quito – Casa […]

Guatemala hotels

Flores, Peten - Green World Hotel – 170 Quetzals/ double room, private bathroom (cold water), WiFi, parking on the hallway inside hotel. Well located with view of the lake. Rooms are cleaned every day. Clean sheets and towels. Ceiling fan […]

Mexico hotels

There is no precise rating of the hotels. Main criteria was safe parking for the motorcycle and WiFi for Apart from that one day we only needed a roof above our heads or when we were in a […]

United States

Christmas, Michigan – Foggy’s Steakhouse – Typical American restaurant (for us at least) with very good food, excellent music and friendly waiters. If you are camping at “Bay Furnace Campground”, this is where you get your WiFi from, there […]

Canada places

Haines Junction, Yukon – The Village Bakery – Good place to stop and warm up with a hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun. Plenty of parking spots. Free WiFi (try not to Skype) and charging sprockets.

Burwash Landing, Yukon – […]

The New World I.1 – Gunnar flyes to Canada

The phone alarm starts screaming. I want to sleep. I would snooze it. Oh, yes, when I went to bed 4 hours ago I knew that this will happen so I put my phone away from the bed. Today […]

The music mailbox

I would like to take a break from talking about our preparations and come to you with an exciting (I hope) challenge! Here’s what is all about:
One of the things on our travel list is an mp3 player. An […]

Before departure – II: Gunnar on the road again

This spring I had the opportunity to “undress” Gunnar and replace some spare parts that I bought in the winter. It seemed to had been a successful operation but I needed a longer trip to verify my work. We […]

Vikings 12 – Farewell north

The title sounds pretty optimistic as in our previous story we were leaving Lofoten Islands and were still above Arctic Circle. But we were heading towards Trondheim and that was for us a real descent to the south.

Weather is […]

Before departure – I

Scenes from this episode: you cannot compare the plane with the bus, I drive a Mercedes for the first time and Andreea gets bitten again by man’s best friend.

Vikings 11 – Back on the mainland

We only spent one night at Marinus and we were already anxious to continue our trip on Lofoten islands all the way to Å, the last village.

Then we were to come back a few kilometers and take the ferry […]

Vikings 10 – Lofoten islands

We woke up, we ate and we were ready for the road. New day in the north and another interesting destination: Lofoten islands.
They received the name of island closest to the mainland and it means “lynx leg”. It was […]

Vikings 9 – To Lofoten

After visiting Nordkapp we realized that from now on “it’s all downhill”. But this didn’t mean that things were to be less interesting.
First of all, we were happy to spend the following days together, the three of us. Andrei […]

Vikings 8 – Nordkapp

It’s a sunny day. Once again. No rain since we arrived here. (are we that lucky on this trip or is our opinion on Norwegian summer that distorted?)
We do not have too much time to think about this because […]

Vikings 7 – Life at the countryside

While waiting for the meeting with Andrei at the beginning of next week we decided to change our accommodation plans and ask the family that was waiting for us on Monday evening to receive us few days early. Our […]

Vikings 6 – Norway, at last!

Friday morning, 8th day of travel. We wake up pretty late (probably because of the wine and talks that lasted until 3 a.m.), we eat fast, say « goodbye » to Timo and head north.

We miss the mountains and […]