Across Americas – Journal

Read the stories from journey across North America from East to West and then all the way South to Central and South America towards the “end of the world” – Tierra del Fuego.

Before departure – I

Scenes from this episode: you cannot compare the plane with the bus, I drive a Mercedes for the first time and Andreea gets bitten again by man’s best friend.

Before departure – II: Gunnar on the road again

This spring I had the opportunity to “undress” Gunnar and replace some spare parts that I bought in the winter. It seemed to had been a successful operation but I needed a longer trip […]

Before departure – III

In this episode we discover what Micadu actually stands for – and what the English version would have been, we find out (finally) what is our departure date and we have a small celebration.

The music mailbox

I would like to take a break from talking about our preparations and come to you with an exciting (I hope) challenge! Here’s what is all about:
One of the things on our travel list […]

Before departure IV – Gunnar and the Czechs


No, we did not have the opportunity for a trip in Czech Republic but instead, we visited the Czechs in Romania. I was telling you in a previous post that on 1st of May […]

On the right bank of the Danube


When we left for home from Garnic we decided to try an return on the right side of the Danube, via Serbia. After we’ve checked that it is possible to enter in Serbia only […]

10! 9! 8!…

No, it is not New Year’s Eve. But for us, the emotions are even bigger than those typical for 31st of December.

There is so little time left before departure in the “big adventure”, and […]

Before departure V – Gunnar at the doctor

During the last 2 days Gunnar was taken for a general maintenance work before departure. The work was done by the very enthusiastic team at  MotoFly.

The work was hard and tedious

The maintenance included: changing […]

The New World I.1 – Gunnar flyes to Canada

The phone alarm starts screaming. I want to sleep. I would snooze it. Oh, yes, when I went to bed 4 hours ago I knew that this will happen so I put my phone […]

The New World I.2 – Sleepless thoughts before departure

Almost picture-less post. We should be able to “correct” this aspect soon.

Did it ever happened to you, when you were little, to not being able to sleep before the beginning of a field trip? […]