Land of the Vikings – Journal



In summer of 2011 we traveled for 3 weeks through Scandinavia. This are our stories in the lands of Vikings.

Vikings trip – the beginning

Last winter we were thinking around a cup of hot tea where to go this year on Vacation. “Vacation” is in corporate terms the two whole weeks free time period, three if you are […]

Vikings 1- Closer roads

There is a saying that guided me that morning “I’m not a morning person but I’m fighting to become one”. So my mobile phone alarm wakes me up, waaaay tooo early than desired. I […]

Vikings 2 – Through Baltic countries

We wake up already with our new sleeping place in mind. This was supposed to me somewhere in Lithuania, in a village near Kaunas and our host is Gintare, I talked to her a […]

Vikings 3 – Further on Baltic roads

We wake up after a good night sleep. This was the first night we used our “Foxes”, the sleeping bags. We rolled them out indoors (we slept chalet-style: on a mattress using our sleeping […]

Vikings 4 – Finland

It’s time to continue our story that we left resting in the wonderful yellow house with the cat and dog, close to Tallinn.
We spent a lazy day in the city, visiting the old side. […]

Vikings 5 – To Norway, through Santa Claus’ country

cOur last story ended in a camping site south of Finland so you can tell from today’s title how anxious we are to get to Norway. We became anxious indeed to get there. We […]

Vikings 6 – Norway, at last!

Friday morning, 8th day of travel. We wake up pretty late (probably because of the wine and talks that lasted until 3 a.m.), we eat fast, say « goodbye » to Timo and head […]

Vikings 7 – Life at the countryside

While waiting for the meeting with Andrei at the beginning of next week we decided to change our accommodation plans and ask the family that was waiting for us on Monday evening to receive […]

Vikings 8 – Nordkapp

It’s a sunny day. Once again. No rain since we arrived here. (are we that lucky on this trip or is our opinion on Norwegian summer that distorted?)
We do not have too much time […]

Vikings 9 – To Lofoten

After visiting Nordkapp we realized that from now on “it’s all downhill”. But this didn’t mean that things were to be less interesting.
First of all, we were happy to spend the following days together, […]