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Africa – Arusha and around

The second night we spent in Tanzania, in the suburbs of Arusha, was the lowest point of our trip in Africa. Maybe it was because of the long bus ride with Osaka Classic that ended late in the night in […]

Osaka Classic

The first night we spent in Tanzania was a short one. We barely fell asleep at 4 AM to be woken up at 6 AM by our alarms. We were pretty tired but we had a bus to catch. Destination? […]

Africa – First steps

Now that winter is almost here, I feel it is time to go somewhere, even if it’s only in writing, to warmer places. It’s true that the natural state of things would be to start writing about the two […]

Taking off

September came very fast. And we are very close to boarding for Tanzania from Istanbul airport. We had to take care of a few logistic matters and one of them was finding the right transportation from Bucharest to Istanbul.

We […]

The gloves will be staying home

“This time, it will be different…”


For the last 6 years we spent every annual vacation on two wheels. Whether it was Matilda or Gunnar… whether we traveled through Romania or from Alaska to Argentina, our plans were centered on […]

Outcomes from the past

2010, end of summer

The neon lights inside the airport are blending with the rays of dusk reflecting through the large airport windows. I can feel the heat coming from the tunnel leading towards the plane. I feel my sweat dribbling […]

Antarctica 4 – First landing

We learned all these “details” (and many others) from the presentations held by the expedition crew, during the two days we were crossing the Drake Passage. But I wasn’t thinking of any of that the morning Plancius got very […]

Antarctica 3 – Drake Passage


Plancius was leaving the Beagle Channel as the last rays of sun were disappearing under the horizon.  We were officially “on the open seas”. The next 2 days we were to cross the Drake Passage.

From the maps we see […]

Happy aniversary, Romania!

Last year we were traveling in Central America and we thought to ask some of our friends on the road and our hosts to send us a short message for 1st of December, the National Day of Romania.

Their reaction […]

Antarctica 2 – How we got on the boat to Antarctica

In Ushuaia we were camping. On one side, it was the cheapest accomodation in town but then again we found a great camping spot, up the hill, close to the forest with a nice view to the city.

It was […]

Antarctica 1 – So close but not there yet

It already smells like rain outside and I don’t think it will go away so fast so I guess it is time to start telling a story with lots of snow, that took place early this year, in february.

Our […]

10.548 kilometers


Some of you may already know that October 6 was the International Marathon of Bucharest and I ran the Relay Race. The following lines are describing my experience as a novice in this type of competitions and not a […]

By the side of the road

Riding the motorcycle, specially as a passenger, gets me closer to the places we pass by without getting off the saddle. Maybe it’s also because Alexandru doesn’t ride very fast giving me more time to enjoy the scenery. Not […]

From Romania – Part IV: Coming home

There is a true saying that “the known path is the shortest”.  But if we were  to be guided by this saying we would never get the chance to explore the alternatives. This post will be about this: unknown […]

From Romania – Part III: Following the Danube

I remember listening to the public radio announcements about the Danube Water Levels while playing in my grandparents yard in the countryside, up north in Suceava. The voice that came out of the old radio (with Cyrillic inscription – […]

From Romania – Part II: Iron Gates National Park and around

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is up and we have the whole day to ourselves. What can a motorcyclist do on a free day with clear sky but riding? We all agreed on a time and got together in […]

From Romania – Part I: Danube Gorge

After a quite longish rest period(somehow understandable), it was time to put the saddle back on the horse and so we spent the last two weekends on the road. There are a lot of beautiful places right here, in […]

The New World V.10 – Statistics!

From time to time I get some “technical” questions about our trip. How  many kilometers, how many days, how many problems and so on (yap, the question about money came up also). So, I thought I should put together […]

The New World V.9 – The end!

The end!  19 – 24 March 2013

I didn´t use the plane very often, at least not on long distances, but I did enjoyed it every time. And on such flights, like the one I was on, there comes a […]

The New World V.8 – Gunnar takes off!

Gunnar takes off! – 9 – 18 March 2013

Hmm yes, we were very close to our flight across the ocean, back to Europe. As we were laying on the deserted beach in the South of Brazil we found it […]

The New World V.7 – Sol e chuva em Brasil

“If only I could understand what she is saying…” this lady that keeps trying to teach me Portuguese but has to fight all this outside noise to get to my ears. We were getting closer to the Brazilian border, […]

The New World V.6 – Itaipu

We are at the “crossroads” of 3 countries: top end of Argentina, buttom end of Brazil and a strip of Paraguay and 2 majestic rivers: Parana, the big river and Iguazu, the one giving birth to the waterfall we […]

The New World V.5 – Iguazu Falls

We awake being aware that we are in close proximity of two “landmarks”.  Iguazu Falls, the second  in the world based on water volume and Itaipu Dam, the world’s biggest electricity generating hydro plant. In other words, majesty of […]

The New World V.4 – A small detour

In Buenos Aires we had to face an important decision: how to send the motorcycle back home?

We already had our plane tickets from Sao Paolo to Europe  in two weeks. It would have been a good option to ship the […]

The New World V.3 – Towards the Capital!

I feel that this journey is not just a “cruise” through space, shifting from A to B and seeing places. Many times it´s about discovering (sometimes superficially and other times on a deeper lever) people. People you meet day […]

The New World V.2 – Good bye, Patagonia!

Good bye, Patagonia: 21-22 February 2013

It’s something about this road. Gunnar keeps rolling all this time, so many kilometers. And we still want to ride. Hm, I am not bored at all. Andreea… takes some naps in the back […]

The New World V.1- The departure from Tierra del Fuego

The departure from Tierra del Fuego: 17 – 21 February 2013

We are back in Ushuaia  after our 11 days break and it was time to leave Tierra del Fuego. But, before that, we had one more thing to do in Ushuaia: hopping […]

The New World IV.21 – Per aspera ad astra


I  woke up early. It’s 4th of February, my birthday is gone so no reason to be lazy. After the “fun in the wind” we had yesterday, we are determine to beat it to the start and be long […]

The New World IV.20 – Tinkering with the bike

Tinkering with the bike: January 31 – February 2nd
We check out Phill and his motorcycle in our rear mirrors and soon he is just a small yellow dot. He is heading for Chile and we have to clatter (blame […]

The New World IV.19 – Flowers of the south

Alaska and British Columbia seem so far far away. It was august. English was all around us and the only bits of Spanish we knew were  “no me mates por favor” and “¿Donde Esta el baño?” (second one necessary […]

The New World IV.18 – Again in Argentina

Again in Argentina: 22-28 of January

Before crossing back to Argentina, we spent a few days in Valdivia, a small and neat town with a lot of appeal for tourists. All over the place the German influence was very obvious. […]

The New World IV.17 – The Dakar Rally encounter in Chile

The day we’ve visited the Desert Hand in Atacama, was the last day we had our Nikon D3000 photo camera in proper working conditions. Sometime after that stop a stone must have hit it in the display, something that […]

The New World IV.16 – Atacama

We’ve been in Argentina for only one day and here we are, already going for a heist escape towards Chilean border, across the Jama mountain pass.

This is not because we were not enjoying Argentina but just because we decided […]

The New World IV.15 – One day in Argentina

One day in Argentina: 15-16 January 2013

Leaving Uyuni is not that easy as we have to sneak through the line of cars waiting for their turn at the only gas station in the area. We didn’t manage to figure […]

The New World IV.14 – Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni: 12-14 of January

We had plans to take a detour, starting from La Paz, into the Amazon basin on the (in)famous Death Road. But since we couldn’t find the inter strength to stop in the capital, we […]

The New World IV.13 – First days in Bolivia

First days in Bolivia: 10 – 12 January 2013

After the short step forward from the storyline with the 3rd of February post, it is time to get back to the “present” time of our story and that “present” means […]

The New World IV…30!

…30! 3rd of February 2013

I know that the next episode was supposed to be The New World IV.13 and the topic should have been Bolivia, but… let’s make a big jump ahead and talk about the  day which just […]

The New World IV.12 – Last echos from Peru

Last echos from Peru: 7 – 10 January 2013
We are out of Machu Picchu but we cannot really say that we really left yet as there is still a long way to “backtrack”. First we need to get back […]

The New World IV.11 – Machu Picchu

Cusco is full of them. Banners, posters and lightly bright comercials., all of them offering various trips to Machu Picchu. There are people on the streats, offering as well trips, inviting you to their tourism agency to sit down […]

The New World IV.10 – Home, in the mountains

We are in the mountains but still this doesn’t quite feel “usual” for us. Which is a little bit odd as Andreea was born in Meridional Carpathians and I grew up close to Oriental Carpathians back in Romania. But […]

The New World IV.9 – Where the condors fly!

Where the condors fly!: 1-3 January 2013

2013 came upon us with Peruvian fireworks. I felt that we have to speed up. One year ago, when all this was a just a drawing in our head, I was thinking that […]

The New World IV.8 – In the desert, passing the last days of 2012

In the desert, passing the last days of 2012: 26-31 December

The landscape changes quickly once we are in Peru. Everything is dry around us.

But the road starts to descend rapidly following the beach line. We are looking for a […]

The New World IV.7 – So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas: 24-26 December
So… yeah, it’s December 24 decembrie and we are on the motorcycle, riding on. We have a Christmas tree but we would really like to find a nice place for the night and for […]

The New World IV.6 – A line, a fish can, and a stop between high mountains

A line, a fish can, and a stop between high mountains: 21-24 December
Ecuador! It might sound strange, but I remember this country from when I just a kid back home, looking through the geographic atlas and dreaming about far […]

The New World IV.5 – Adios Colombia, Hola Ecuador!

Adios Columbia, Hola Ecuador: 20 – 21 December

We still had 2 more days to go from Popayan to Ecuador border. Of course, we could have done it in just one longer day but…. why hurry? Especially that we are […]

The New World IV.4 – Coffee and sweet people

Coffee and sweet people: 17 – 20 December 

I´m not a coffee drinker. But I did have a coffee from time to time ever since I got into Central America, in the coffee areas. Never too much and always […]

The New World IV.3 – To Medellin

To Medellin: 14 – 17 December
I am looking at the map and I see Cartagena way up high on the North tip of  South America. And our plan is to get way down South.
It´s therefore time to start the […]

The New World IV.2 – First days in Colombia


First days in Colombia: 12-14 of December

I open my eyes and the walls are moving. The problem is that you don’t have a fixed point to hold on too. Everything shifts and rocks up and down and from side […]

The New World IV.1 – Life at sea

The Central America vagabonding had a nice and sunny end as I was writing you here.

But, in order to continue with the next part of the trip, we had to get in South America. And in order to get […]

The New World III.17 – Panama

Panama: 3-7 December
We are in Panama and still don’t have a clear plan, except the fact that on December 7 we have to take our motorcycle to the pier and prepare it for boarding. We are slowly heading to […]

The New World III.16 – Costa Rica

Oh yes… we made it. We crossed the Darien Gap and made it (by the time you read this) in Columbia. We are still in Central America with the story. Who knows, maybe I will have some time, before […]

The New World III.15 – Nicaragua

Nicaragua: 18-23 November

Crossing into Nicaragua is easy. Almost too easy. We are not asked for any extra copies while exiting Honduras.In 10 minutes we are on the Nicaraguan side and everything runs smoothly. Here we  get a  bonus that […]

The New World III.14 – Honduras

Honduras: 16 – 18 November

I must admit that when I was planning this trip I didn’t really like the idea of going through Honduras. I didn’t know too much about the country. But I think that most of the […]

The New World celebrates Romania’s national day!

1st of December is the national day of Romania. We are far away from home but since we started, we never felt alone. We met friends along the way that made us feel at home and made us wanting […]

The New World III.13 – El Salvador

El Salvador: 13-16 November

We wake up very early. Mainly because we want to be few steps ahead of the heat…. once it gets hotter we might delay again our departure with “just one more day” and go back in […]

The New World III.12 – Good bye Guatemala

Goodbye Guatemala: October 28 – November 13
San Pedro la Laguna is one of the many villages, smaller or larger, on the shores of Lake Atitlan. We stopped there for a week, we decided that it is a good place […]

The New World III.11 – Other Guatemala

The other Guatemala: 26-28 Octomber
Flores got us puzzled. Nature and its proximity to the impressive Mayan ruins made it a wonderful place but it’s hard to relax when you are welcomed and treated in the most touristy possible way. […]

The New World III.10 – Tikal

Tikal: 24th of October

With the head on the window, I try to get some sleep. That is not going to well for me as the small bus is bouncing on the bumpy road. It is 5 AM and it […]

The New World III.9 – In Guatemala

In Guatemala: October 22-23

This is it! After more than 3 weeks in Mexico and with the initial moto insurance running out 3 days ago, we felt that it was time to hit the road so we wake up […]

The New World III.8 – Between the past and the present

Between the past and the present: 19-22 October

We are still far away from the border but we feel we are getting closer. The easiest (fastest) way would have been to continue on the Pacific coast to Guatemala. As we […]

The New World III.7 High in the mountains and back to the ocean

High in the mountains and back to the ocean: October 18

I know I promised you a story about jungle and monkeys but to get there we have to make another stop at the ocean. We leave Oaxaca dreaming about […]

The New World III.6 – Mexico City and beyond

Mexico City and beyond: 12 – 17 of October

When you are traveling for such a long time with a limited budget, like we are, you come to appreciate the simple things: having clean sheets on the bed (oh… having […]

The New World III.5 – Crossing the line!

Crossing the line: October 11

I find a Suzuki moto shop the next day. Talk to the owner and manage to negotiate for the new tire for the old one and some extra money. We are now ready for some […]

The New World III.4 – Of People, cars and cities

Of people, cars and cities: 8-10 Octomber

We say “goodbye” to Blake after 2 days spent near Barranca del Cobre. He wanted to go to the bottom of the canyon and visit one of the Tarahumara Indian villages down there […]

The New World III.3 Barranca del Cobre

80 kilometers. That’s all we had to go to get to Creel the day before when we had the flat tire. We managed to ride with my patch work for 50 km to San Juanito. Now that the tire […]

The New World III.2 – Riding through Sierra Madre mountains

Roaming through Sierra Madre mountains: 4-6 September
As after 2 days spent at Tom’s hotel in Banamichi, we were feeling relaxed and somewho more accustomed with the idea that we are in Mexico now, it was time to press on […]

The New World III.1 – Bienvenidos a México!

Bienvenidos a México!: 1-3 Octomber

The morning cool air is hiting my face but I am not closing my visor. We are heading for Douglas and I feel like before a big exam. You learned and you feel prepared to […]

The New World II.14 A day in Bisbee – by Andreea

As we rest for a few days, Andreea is remembering how the last day in the U.S. went for her. While I was rushing back to Phoenix trying to recuperate my driving license, she had some time to explore […]

The New World II.13 – Mexico, but not quite there yet!

Mexico, but not quite there yet:  20 September – 2 October

The morning finds us humming a famous Romanian songs that goes like “In Arizona I was born on horse saddle / From her arms my mother lost me when […]

The New World II.12 – Utah and Arizona

Utah and Arizona: September 16 – 19

We are going to Utah (that’s North of Las Vegas) but first we go…. South. We take a small detour to see Hoover Dam. We find a view point on the new […]

The New World II.11 – Death Valley and the City of Lost Hopes

Death Valley and the City of Lost Hopes: September 14 – 15

It is the first time on this trip that we wake up early. Very early. It is 8 AM and we are ready to go. Ready to […]

The New World II.10 – Good bye California

Good bye California: 13-20 Septembrie

“Hi Alex, I’ve been following your ride report and I would like to invite you to come and stay with us in Monterey for a while”

This is the first part of a message I received […]

The New World II.9 – Walk with me


Walk with me – September 13-14

During the night the waves swing us and it is now that romantic as it sounds. But in the morning we are ready to walk the streets.

We leave our motorcycle suits in a corner […]

The New World II.8 – The way back to San Francisco


The way back to San Francisco: 12 September

Early in the morning we can have a better look around and see where we stopped last night. The views are stunning

While Andreea is still sleeping, I take Gunnar for a ride. […]

The New World II.7 – Route 1

Route 1 : September 9-11

We are in California but still away from the ocean and we have to do something about it soon.Our plan is to go south on route 1, considered to be one of the most […]

The New World II.6 – To California

 To California: 5-8 September

Breitenbush Hot Springs is a special place. Although it’s called “A retreat”, the place is actually a private community. A small touristy business based on old hot springs. Cabins for rent in the middle of the […]

The New World II.5 – Back in the United States

Back in the United States: September 2-4

This border crossing was smooth. The customs officer didn’t know what to do when we told him we are from Romania, he considered having us pull over, wanted to make a phone […]

The New World II.4 – Ride like the wind!

I know I promised last time that we will tell you the story from Washington but we can not move on without writing a few lines about how we got to visit Vancouver while we were staying at Traian’s […]

The New World II.3 Vancouver People

After 4 days of camping we manage to gather our stuff quite slowly. It is amazing how fast you get out of being efficient with packing (not that we ever were too efficient). Still, today we have in front […]

The New World II.2 – Traveling motorocyclists meeting

As I was mentioning last time, this post will be a little bit atypical. For around 4 days, we wouldn’t move our motorcycle much from it’s parking lot but still we would get to reach far away places by […]

The New World II.1 Heading to South Canada

This post marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey. The first part of our trip, crossing North America from Est to West all the way to Alaska is completed. Now we look forward to make some […]

The New World I.24 – See you soon, Alaska!

It’s been a while since the last writing but so much happened in the mean time. The important thing is that we are all OK, bike seems to be in good shape now and we are ready to go […]

The New World I.23 – Haines

We were thinking that after Valdez we will head straight and return to Whitehorse Canada and from there to start our descent South. But hey, plans are good as long as they are flexible. So following a tip got […]

The New World I.22 – Valdez

Leaving Anchorage we feel that the Alaska leg of our trip is getting to a close. Boy were we wrong. The time was running out but we still had so much more interesting experiences in store for us before […]

The New World I.21 – Big city life

We wake up rested and ready to go. Just before leaving, Feodor surprises us again. He comes to the motorcycle with 4 cans of salmon. “Davai, you take it!” We explain that we have very little space, traveling two […]

The New World I.20 – From Russians, with love

Well this trip is supposed to happen in Americas right? Right! The New World, Alaska, Latin America. Then what’s the story with the Russians? They were not supposed to be in the picture of this Journey. Well, in the […]

The New World I.19 – The Tall One

What’s the big deal with this mountain? Well it is the tallest in America. North America that is. Hmm and they say it is very hard to spot it’s peak as most of the time it is surrounded by […]

The New World I.18 – North of Fairbanks


A soft breeze scatters the sun’s light across the deck. My boots are laying beside, and I’m standing bare feet and watch as white mountain peaks fly by in slow motion while the ferry moves through the fjord. It […]

The New World I.17 – A bit of North Pole and a lot of Alaskan hospitality

Next morning we realize that we slept exactly near the airport. A little bit closer and we could have pitched the tents under the airplane wings.

Last evening we discussed over dinner what should we do once we reach Fairbanks. […]

The New World I.16 – Meet Alaska!

The road from the border post onwards continues to amaze us.

Corner after corner, stunning views of “nothingness”. This is a wild country indeed.


First settlement we find in Alaska is Chicken. Yeah, that was funny for us, especially since close […]

The New World I.15 – Dawson City and the road to Alaska

From Whitehorse there are 2 majore ways into Alaska. One is to continue on Alaska Highway towards West. The other way is a little bit longer and tedious and is going North towards Dawson City first and then turn […]

The New World I.14 – Even more of Alaska Highway

We reach Watson Lake, a small but very nice town. Probably it is known the most due to it Sign Post Forest. A place where people started to hang all kinds of sign posts, most of them from “back […]

The New World I.13 – Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway is a pretty pretentious name for an European, who is still way in Canada, at mile 0, more than 1000 kilometers from Alaska. But I am soon to find out that the naming is not just marketing […]

The New World I.12 – Reaching Alaska Highway

We leave Lucian’s family quite late, not before having a look at the town’s mascot/symbol.

Quite like home, isn’t it?

We were thinking already at the road after Edmonton but we forgot that we still had like 60 miles until the […]

The New World I.11 – Unexpected stop

As I was mentioning in the last post, we were very determined to make good progress the next day. So we leave the house at 7:30 in the morning but, after the gravel roads in Manitova, we needed to […]

The New World I.10 – Saskatoon

We thank again the Murrays for all their hospitality and we get ready to hit the road. Bill, who is riding a Vstrom as well, accompanies us  with his bike until we reach the tarmac. “That way, we can […]

The New World I.9 – Life away from the big city


The first guy we meet after leaving Miami in the morning is Ira. Riding a big japoneze cruiser, he passes buy us and then stops a few miles ahead and waits for us.  When I’ve noticed him I stop […]

The New World I.8 – Duluth and beyond

We leave behind the Christmas atmosphere and we continue Westwards, following the lake shores. We find launch place for boats and we take the opportunity to get closer to the waters

From the picture one cannot really tell how big […]

The New World I.7 – Time for Christmas, in the United States

The camping site where we’ve spent our last night did not had internet. But it did had a a nice view to the lake, lot’s of trees and, electricity coming out of some of them

So, here you go, a […]

The New World I.6 – Leaving Toronto

On our return from Niagara Falls, we stop at a Romanian place, called “Campul Romanesc”. Here, a lot of Romanians living in Canada have been gathering for years, in special occasions.

When we got there, Romanian Cultural Week event was […]