It was 2011, it was summer and me and Andreea were just married. Starting with March, we had a new motorcycle as well (new for us as it was a second hand bike). It was a Suzuki DL650 VStrom. We named it Gunnar (after a goose from a cartoons series). So everything seemed set for a new adventure. Where to? Norway!


Our trip lasted for 3 weeks. Not much some would say. Nevertheless it was for us the longest motorcycle trip taken to that date.  After getting back home, I wrote a few posts about our Scandinavian adventure and the “longest day” in my life (it lasted more than a week). Grab a cup of coffee and check out the journal

Citeste Jurnalul

When we planned our route, we tried to make it so that we will not pass  twice on the same road. Here is what we came up with.

Check out the route

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