During our trip preparations, we had the chance to meet several people who helped us with their friendship and good advice or with their professionalism and good work.

This is just our way to acknowledge their support and to say THANK YOU:

  • 12.03.2012Kappa Moto – Kappa Moto is an Italian company with more than 46 years of tradition producing a wide range of aftermarket gear for motorcycles scooters and bicycles.  From luggage systems to windscreens, from helmets and rain suits to gloves. The team at KappaMoto was the first to offer us a collaboration when hearing about our trip.  Thank you!
  • 22.03.2012Elf Workshop – for generously providing us with the crate to transport Gunnar over the ocean.
  • 26.03.2011Heavy Duties shop – for excellent craftsmanship with our panniers holding system
  • 28.05.2012Teiz Motorsport - for offering a great discount for their Navigator motorcycle suits. The Navigator suit has a great number of features which are excellent for over-landing journeys.  We are looking forward to use these suits on our trip.
  • 29.06.2012MotoFly.ro – for incredible enthusiasm and wish to help us prepare for our trip. They offered pro bono work on our motorcycle and also excellent prices for motorcycle parts. Thank you guys a lot!
  • 08.08.2012Urban Prints Alaska – we met the guys at Urban Prints Alaska by chance, while walking in Anchorage. We were in need to have 2 T-shirts printed and Urban Prints were very helpful about it. We found out that not only they are good at what they do but also they are established as a social enterprise, employing and training some of the most vulnerable and at-risk youth in the community. We loved that and we are happy to collaborate. They are still at the beginning with the online presence so you can check them out and encourage them on Facebook.
  • 09.08.2012Alaska Leather – Barb, the owner of Alaska Leather generously donated us a pair of  used tank side paniers. These are of great help for us since now we have more space to carry food and other things. The guys at Alaska Leather are form a great team and if you are in Anchorage you should check them up!