“This time, it will be different…”


For the last 6 years we spent every annual vacation on two wheels. Whether it was Matilda or Gunnar… whether we traveled through Romania or from Alaska to Argentina, our plans were centered on a motorcycle. And the most interesting part are the details… these so called “plans” were very vague. Few or no bookings. No research on “means of transportation” (maybe just for gas stations). We would sleep wherever  and whenever the sun would set.

And here we are, in 2014, getting ready to visit Africa. We knew almost from the beginning that it will be “hard”. Few searches later we realized that we cannot take the motorcycle with us this time. It would have been too much financial and bureaucratic effort, for 2 weeks of vacation (in total).

We tried to see if we can rent something in Tanzania. But the online search didn’t show to many findings. So here we are, slowly taking a more classical approach, back to the times when I didn’t have a driving licence  for motorcycles. And you know what? That’s absolutely ok with us, we will enjoy our vacation no matter what. Yes, it will be different without the motorcycle but, as I am writing this, I feel more and more anxious to go to Tanzania. We will leave the helmets, the gloves and motorcycle jackets at home this time. We will take a good book with us and a lot of curiosity, preparing ourselves to decipher the train or bus schedule.


I realized, on the other hand, that we are no longer used to precise plans. We barely decided to look for accommodations. Very, very late in the summer we realized that we have to look for people over there who can help us plan the trip in Tanzania and this is because we don’t have too many days to explore on our own.

Now here we are, less than 2 weeks before our departure and still no certain plan, except the plane tickets to Dar es Salaam…. that we bought in December 2013. No place to stay. No safari tour booked. No bus ticket. No reservation.


Is it late? Definitely. Is it too late? I think not. I still hope that, at the right moment, everything will be sorted out.


lostIt will be “different”! Until next time!


*Note: the photos used in this article do not belong to us and they are used with the author’s permision.